National “Dreams Into Reality” Tour

The Dream Tour is designed for both current and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking assistance in unlocking their goals, dreams, and future. All workshops are facilitated on the platforms of Business, Being, and Beauty allowing you to walk away with the necessary keys to make them a well-rounded professional.

The Dreams Tour will begin Friday evening with a Vision board party guaranteed to assist attendees in making their dreams tangible. The weekend will proceed with various workshops and panel discussions.

Panel discussions include topics that explore the importance of supporting your dreams in business, creating a strong brand in the marketplace, and how we can help cultivate the city as entrepreneurs. The dream will conclude with The Dream award ceremony highlighting extraordinary public figures who are helping unlock the city and allowing them to inspire you and share their keys to success.

Registrants will walk away from this life-changing event feeling like new, inspired, motivated, and a part of a genuine community of strong supportive professionals. Unbreakable bonds and partnership will be formed and we as women will forever be connected as we bring your dreams into reality collectively.

Category: Entrepreneurism
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