LifeLine Business Consulting Services is a full-service business planning and management firm serving small and medium-sized companies with a emphasis on minority and women-owned businesses.

Business Courses

        “Jump Start Your Business to Success”

A curriculum for the entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business as well as those already in business. It is taught by entrepreneurs who share lessons from real trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the business world. Participants are encouraged to do research to uncover opportunities, asked questions to make them dig deeper, and pushed to make tough decisions regarding their business.

       “Business Plan Development and Financial Projections”

These are working sessions with active participation to complete a business plan and learn funding options. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and be prepared to complete business plan sections while they learn.

One-on-One Coaching

This fast-track program is for the individual who already has a strong draft or completed business plan and will need minimal fine-tuning and financial review.

Business Workshops

> Panel Discussions
> Passion Workshop
> Vision Board
> Pitch Parties
> Speed Coaching
> Learning Sessions
> Shopping Events
> Business Specific Workshops
> Networking Events

Online Services and Virtual Coaching

Dr. Nicole Framer has coached hundreds of women and helped more than 70 receive funding for their start-up or midsize business.
>60 minutes, 4-week or 12-week programs of intense power coaching
>Projected Financials that will get you funding
>Write and complete a wining Business Plan

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We offer basic tools, information, workshops, best practices, access to funding, and network support groups!

LifeLine is a member of the Detroit Micro Loan Collaborative to assist the Michigan Women’s Foundation, Detroit Development Fund, Motor City Match, and Quicken Loans with preparing and vetting businesses, prior to the submission of loan applications.


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